Drones in the construction industry


Cost saving

The most important benefit resulting from the use of photogrammetric techniques and the use of unmanned aerial vehicles is the minimization of costs. The performance of many necessary stages of work during the implementation of the investment can then be much cheaper.

Facilitating and streamlining work

Unmanned aerial vehicles along with other technologically innovative solutions improve and simplify the work of construction entrepreneurs.

More detailed supervision and monitoring of the course of works

Monitoring and supervising construction investments has never been easier - the photogrammetric studies we obtain show a real picture of the course of works and allow us to perform the measurements we are interested in.

No need for an overseer to be physically present

The person supervising the course of construction works does not have to be present at the construction site - photogrammetric studies (orthophotos, 3D models, numerical land cover models, dense point clouds) available on the internet platform are enough. This way, field work can be done in front of a computer monitor.

Thanks to the cyclical raids of unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with high-resolution cameras, we are able to monitor progress on the construction site in an easy, fast and cheap way. An additional advantage is the possibility of supervision without physical presence at the construction site, and its results can be made available online. All measurements and inspections can be carried out alone, but also in a dispersed team.

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Monitoring of the course of construction works

Regular raids using unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with high-resolution cameras allow for easy, quick and cheap monitoring of construction works. Supervision takes place without the physical presence of the inspector and the results can be made available online. Measurements and inspections are performed individually or in a dispersed team.

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Inventory of historic buildings

Thanks to the use of the latest technological solutions, we are able to carry out a non-invasive inventory of architectural objects. We make orthophotos, 3D models, dense point clouds and photographic documentation using unmanned aerial vehicles. Our services are characterized by high precision of measurements, faithfulness of reproduction of details, full cartometric accuracy and speed of execution.

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Inspections of completed investments

3D models and orthophotos (2D models) accurately reflect the real image of the completed investment. This allows for geospatial measurements and a visual inventory of the project.

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Area, volume and length measurements based on orthophotomaps

Based on a dense cloud of points and other photogrammetric studies, we are able to carry out measurements of interest to our customers (length, area, volume, angle of inclination).

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Identification using a thermal imaging camera

Thermovision measurements allow to detect heat loss in buildings – this way we can check the thermal insulation of the property. The obtained thermograms (photo taken with a thermal imaging camera) help to determine the thermal insulation of the house foundations, the correctness of the attic insulation, the continuity and thermal insulation of rims, the correct installation and thermal insulation of windows, doors, garage gates, etc. Thermal imaging cameras are also increasingly used for searching for: damage to photovoltaic panels and damage or delamination in wind turbine blades.

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Inventory of linear and slender objects

Using unmanned aerial systems, we are able to inspect linear objects (e.g. roads, railroads, gas pipelines) and examine the deflection of slender objects.

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