Drone environmental measurements


Save time in obtaining the information you need.

Repeatability of measurements due to the possibility of making multiple flights.

Possibility to perform measurements in an environment polluted by radiologically, biologically, chemically or by volcanic gases.

Safety for personnel operating the apparatus.

The innovative DRONIKA environmental measurement system enables a quick and precise assessment of air quality with an indication of the source and type of pollution.

Quotation of environmental measurement services


Dronika system

The DRONIKA system was developed in response to one of the main technological challenges of contemporary environmental protection. Accurate real-time air pollutant testing became possible thanks to our comprehensive solution. Dronika is based on the cooperation of software that visualizes the results of the tests carried out with a container measuring the composition of the air – Koliber.

Hummingbird tray

The Koliber reservoir is equipped with high-quality sensors that detect the presence of contamination, giving a real picture of the concentration of harmful substances in the tested sample, along with precise information about the time and place of the test. It can work as an independent module, but taking measurements is much more effective when the carrier is a drone (unmanned device).

The drone as a carrier of the Koliber reservoir

The combination of the Koliber container with a drone (unmanned aerial vehicle) allows you to reach hard-to-reach places and simultaneous sampling both from a spot and from a large area. The data from the collected samples is simultaneously saved on the SD card and transferred directly from the drone to the ground station, where the program analyzes it in real time. Thanks to this, it is possible to very accurately determine the pollutants in water and air, and thus take preventive measures to ensure the protection of human life and health.

Environmental measurements

Our measurements of air pollutants include the measurement of PM 2.5 (up to 1000 µg / m3), PM 10 (up to 1000 µg / m3), CO2, VOC, HCHO, HCL, HCN, CL2, CO, NO2, NO, SO2, H2S, as well as air humidity, pressure and temperature.

System abilities


The Dronika system allows you to conduct environmental analyzes and create reports with measurement results. The software automatically calculates the average and maximum value, and the readings are available in real time. All data is geolocated, i.e. described by GPS coordinates. This allows for the exact location of the measurement site.

Smog maps

Graphical presentation of the degree of air pollution in a given area greatly facilitates and speeds up the analysis of the measurements taken. It allows you to easily identify places with reduced air quality and indicate with high accuracy the sources of emissions of individual harmful substances.