Heksakopter X-01

General information

The device is capable of working with different types of components, which results in a multitude of applications. Depending on the task to be carried out and the conditions in which it is to be used, the appropriate components are selected, such as zoom cameras, thermal cameras, multispectral cameras, environmental measurement containers, medical packages and spray applicators, for example. Thanks to the ultralight shell construction made of carbon and basalt fibre, the device is resistant to weather conditions, impacts and external factors. The small dimensions of the unmanned aircraft make the product transportable even in difficult terrain conditions, and the unassembled design significantly reduces the time of preparation for flight and reduces the risk of misassembly.

Technical specifications

  • frame: carbon shell
  • number of engines: 6
  • drone weight with battery: 4 kg
  • payload weight: up to 2.5 kg
  • span between motors: 700 mm
  • operating temperature: -20 / +35 degrees Celsius
  • flight time without load: up to 45 min
  • flight time with the largest possible load: up to 20 min
  • maximum flight speed: 12 m/s i.e. 43.20 km/h
  • control: manual and automatic
  • control and transmission of telemetric data: 868 MHz, 5.8 GHz
  • control: dedicated ground station
  • image transmission: possible from up to 3 cameras (view selection), using 5.8 GHz frequency
  • communication range with the operator:
    • data and digital video transmission: up to 2 km
    • automatic flights without transmission of vision and data: up to 10 km
  • transport: dustproof and waterproof case (84.9 x 72.1 x 44.8 cm, IP67)
  • additional options:
    • position determination: possibility of RTK installation – accuracy up to 10 cm
    • automatic flights with video and data transmission: without distance limitations using LTE communication (GSM network is necessary)

Operations performed

  • flights with applicators
  • photogrammetric flights
  • exploratory flights
  • inspections of: power lines, chimneys
  • scanning flights with LIDAR
  • training and training flights
  • transport and delivery
  • flights with multi and hyperspectral cameras
  • flights with thermal imaging cameras

Main applications

  • monitoring of critical infrastructure
  • monitoring the progress of construction works
  • inspections of completed investments
  • terrain and object scanning
  • multispectral and photogrammetric measurements
  • aerial spraying over agricultural and forest crops
  • air pollution level measurements
  • water pollution level measurements
  • rescue operations: dropping of rescue parcels
  • search operations: location of missing persons
  • search for prohibited substances