General information

  • universal, polish design, adapted to many tasks
  • low operating costs
  • operational readiness within 3 minutes
  • short response time to operational needs
  • rapid and failure-free changeover
  • easy and safe transport to places difficult to access


  • frame: shell, carbon, foldable
  • weight: 14 kg
  • payload weight: up to 20 kg
  • flight time: up to 90 min
  • span between engines: 1700 mm
  • flight speed: 12 m/s i.e. 43.20 km/h
  • built-in fuel tank made of glass composite 2.2 litres
  • easily replaceable parts for repair
  • transport: dustproof and waterproof case (84.9 x 72.1 x 44.8 cm, IP67)

Operations performed and main applications

  • flights with applicators for biological and chemical protection
    agricultural and forestry crops photogrammetric flights and laser scanning
  • laser scanning for creation of high resolution orthophotomaps
  • transport flights and dropping of animal medicines
  • flights with multi and hyperspectral cameras for the assessment of
    size and extent of damage caused by pests in the forest
  • flights with thermal imaging cameras to search for or count game