Drones in forestry


Increased wood production efficiency

Thanks to more effective identification and location of stands infected with pests or pathogens, damage assessment, inventory and fire risk assessment, we increase the efficiency of wood production.

Save time and money

Our services allow you to reduce costs - both those related to the expenditure of time, work and money. Orthophotos, 3D and NMPT models give an accurate picture of the forest divisions and enable geospatial inspections and updates in much less time than before.

Help in making optimal decisions. The data we provide helps forestry entrepreneurs to take the right action, at the right time. As a result, problems are nipped in the bud, and forest management is conducted in a thoughtful and effective manner.

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Modeling the growth and valuation of stands

Thanks to photogrammetric studies, we are able to easily determine the growth of a stand. If we also know his age, it allows to determine his valuation class. Our analysis is fast and accurate.

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Determining the level of defoliation of forest areas>

Orthophotomaps and 3D models can be used to determine the level of stand defoliation, i.e. the loss of leaves due to external factors. The advantage of our service is the speed of its implementation and the transparency of the analysis (top view).

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Inspection and damage assessment in hard-to-reach places where the physical presence of a human is impossible or dangerous>

Some forest areas are inaccessible – this may be due to wetlands or the danger of falling branches. In such cases, the problem of inventory and damage estimation is solved by unmanned aerial vehicles.

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Determining the degree of vegetation and tree health

The technically advanced multispectral camera allows the assessment of the condition of the stands. Thanks to this, using a wide range of index maps, we are able to identify trees with a high probability of being infected with a pest (e.g. sharp-toothed bark beetle) or a pathogen. For forest management, this means less felling and therefore more efficient habitat production.

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Game inventory (thermovision measurements)

Using unmanned devices and thermal imaging cameras, we are able to carry out a non-invasive inventory of game.

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Updates of the spatial information system – eg the Numerical Forest Map

High-resolution orthophotos are used to update the Numerical Forest Map, and point clouds can be used for spatial measurements. We can obtain these products after just one raid, which is why we save time and money compared to other methods of operation.

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Fire hazard analysis

Thermovision and multispectral measurements help in assessing the fire risk. The higher the temperature of the stands, the greater the likelihood of a fire.

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